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Individual Tax Preparation
Starting Rate $180

A Google Five-Star Service,
Accurate & Local

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We need your most recently filed tax return and the current year tax documents.

Drop them off in-person M-F 9a-5p at:

1909 West Main Street Suite A Kalamazoo, Michigan 49006
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OR have a remote-service experience by completing the contact form below.

We'll reach out to you via email and provide you with further instructions on how to securely send us your documents.

Once we have all your documents, we'll prepare your tax returns and follow-up with any questions via phone or email.

After the tax return is prepared, we'll send you a copy to review. You'll need to look it over and make sure you don't have questions. Then, sign it digitally! (or in person if preferred). 
All returns are submitted electronically.

Optional - Schedule a Tax Consultation with CPA

Do you want to discuss some more in-depth strategies? Schedule a review appointment when you drop off your documents.

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Tax Preparation Always Includes All Credits and Forms Required For A Complete Filing.

Standard Rate $180 Perfect For Families and Individual Taxpayers.

In-person Tax Review with CPA (Optional)

E-file Federal and State Returns

*Complex business, and some investment tax situations, and additional consulting do not qualify for this standard rate offer.

All staff billing rates still apply.