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Accounting: The Backbone of Business

Poor bookkeeping is the standard at most accounting firms that specialize in tax preparation.


Your old CPA sends you home each year to trudge through another 12 months of late-night, last minute bookkeeping. They praise themselves as the messiah of accounting when they make their adjusting journal entries at tax time, right before they exit stage right. The standard result- A huge invoice and a stack of forms that do not help you manage your business.

Not us. Not here.


We help small business owners succeed at keeping better bookkeeping records because our firm creates specialized accounting systems designed specially for your business, then actually does the work. If accounting was easy, we wouldn't have a job.

You deserve a holistic solution to the accounting and tax management of your business. My firm exists to solve this problem. You'll learn to think of our firm as your accounting department.


 As a monthly retainer client, you'll develop plans to grow the bottom-line with a set of prescheduled quarterly or monthly meetings that feel like a corporate board meeting. Business advisory and tax planning add the element of foresight to your decision making. 

Everyday you lace up your shoes and work to turn a profit. At our firm, you'll get reports from a CPA who insists you make money. 


Sign up for our holistic solutions and start to enjoy the benefits of our firm motto:


Better Data. Better Decisions.

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